SAFE Foundation System

Self-Adjusting Floating Environment

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Arx Pax’s SAFE Foundation System overcomes real estate development challenges by building in harmony with Mother Nature.

Instead of focusing resources on disaster relief and rebuilding, wouldn’t it make more sense to build responsibly and sustainably from the beginning? Fighting Mother Nature is a losing proposition. There is a better way to build.

The SAFE Foundation System works in harmony with natural forces. Ideally suited for coastal communities that are subject to floods, storm surge, and sea level rise, the SAFE Foundation System uses water to separate the built environment from the earth. This separation allows movements of the earth, flood waters and rising seas to pass harmlessly under the SAFE system also protecting from earthquakes.

Integrating proven technologies, from marine architecture, structural engineering and conventional building techniques, the SAFE Foundation System draws from many disciplines for its innovative solution.  It is well known that floating objects are safe from floods and earthquakes. The Dutch, Japanese, and Ancient Aztecs among many others have built floating structures for ages on local bodies of water. It is the idea of bringing water to the site in order to float an object that is truly novel.

The SAFE Foundation System is a cost-effective, robust, carbon-capturing modular system that can be used to turn unsafe and at-risk areas into prime real estate and thriving communities. SAFE also helps to address the urban issues of traffic congestion, long commutes and unaffordable housing by unlocking unbuildable land to allow sustainable mixed-use projects that provide a balance of housing and jobs.

Arx Pax has been featured in Wired, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, and more.  SAFE Foundation System US Patents: 8,777,519; 9,103,118; 9,398,878.  Multiple patents pending.