Every company has its story; its mission; and its journey. The path is rarely a straight line—learning, improving and evolving are always in progress. Just like a solid foundation, the underlying origin, evolution and purpose behind Arx Pax is important.


Greg Henderson founded Arx Pax because he knew there was a better way to build. For over 20 years he spent his time learning and developing the SAFE Foundation system™.  Building responsibly, sustainably and safely has always been Greg’s driving force. He leads with a unique blend of experience, skill, and leadership, from West Point Army Ranger to UC Berkeley licensed architect.  He is also a builder and an inventor of numerous patents. With his wife and Co-founder, Jill Henderson, Arx Pax has built a transparent culture aspiring to be humble, wise, passionate, and kind.  The team is a group of high quality people with high integrity, talent, and a drive to contribute to the greater good.


While working on the first Arx Pax patent for the SAFE Foundation System, Greg realized that there were several ways of separating structures from the earth to protect them from natural forces.  Structures can float in a liquid like water, or on an entrapped gas, or even on a liquefiable solid. Greg then asked, “Why not an electromagnetic field? If you can hover a 50,000 kg train, why not a house?” As it turned out, levitating an object like a train or house, over a passive surface was “impossible,” so Greg taught himself electromagnetism and with the advantage of the outsider’s perspective, he was able to solve the problem. To prove their technology and draw attention to real world problems and their mission,  Arx Pax introduced the Hendo Hoverboard as a proof of concept to discuss better ways to build in harmony with natural forces by decoupling structures from the earth.

By thinking differently, and with the courage to try,  Arx Pax proved their Hover Engine™ technology and in 2014 TIME Magazine honored them in the Genius edition: “Invention of the Year”. The technology continues to evolve and is in development by partners in a variety of markets ranging from industrial automation, to transportation, recreation and entertainment.


To build a better future for generations to come with the patented SAFE Foundation System in areas subject to floods, earthquakes and rising sea levels.  Leading by example, Greg and the Arx Pax team will demonstrate the next level of sustainability, and a better way to build for People, Property and the Planet.