Floods and extreme weather are more frequent, more severe and getting worse. In the US alone, over the past 30 years the average loss of property to flooding is $8 Billion per year.

If you are building near a floodplain or rebuilding after a flood, there is a better way.

The SAFE (Self-Adjusting Floating Environment) Foundation System™ provides a more secure and sustainable foundation for at-risk homes, properties and communities.

Countless lives, properties and communities continue to be destroyed by natural disasters.

With the SAFE Foundation System, we now have a way to build responsibly and safely in earthquake areas keeping people, their homes and communities intact.

Conservative predictions estimate a 1.4 meter (55″)
sea level rise by 2100 putting $1.5 Trillion of U.S. real estate at risk.

The SAFE Foundation System is a sustainable solution
to protect people, property and communities from rising sea levels
for generations to come.